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  • Dec 06, 2020


I have taken all of Wizpiration's digital marketing courses. They are amazing! I then took the freelancing courses to help me start a career in freelancing. It was a challenge in the beginning, but thanks to what I learned at Wizpiration, I was able to methodologically tackle the challenges until I started getting lots of interest from clients - in freelancer.com and upwork.com - and winning projects. I now make around $250 of extra income per month working from home whenever I want!


Wizpiration is a fantastic platform for anyone who wants to re-invent himself or herself and learn new skills that seemed initially intimidating - like coding skills for web/app development. I stuck to the program that Wizpiration's coach recommended me and finished the courses successfully and obtained the certificate. I managed to get a job in a software development company in Dubai working remotely from Egypt. In fact, Wizpiration helped me get the job by introducing me to the company and coaching me for the interview! They were super helpful!


What I love about Wizpiration is that it offers courses in very complementary areas. I wanted to grow further in my company. To do that, I needed to get really better in project management, making captivating presentations, learn excel, and even sharpen my business English skills. So I decided to spend at least 5 hours per week learning and taking Wizpiration's courses in these areas. Wizpiration's staff even helped me outside of the courses reviewing some of my presentations and giving me tips on effective project management. I pushed myself to apply what I learn in the job. My boss noticed a significant improvement in my skills and started giving me more responsibilities. Last week I got a promotion!! We should always learn; we die when we stop learning!! Push yourself, be disciplined, and you will get what you want!


I have always been into drawing and felt I have a good eye for design. After seeing the huge number of graphic design freelancing gigs (logos, animations, image editing, creative content for advertisements, etc) in various freelancing platforms, I decided to give this a try and learn the techniques to convert my talent into a skill that I can earn an income from. This is when a friend recommended Wizpiration. I signed up for Wizpiration's graphics design courses and applied what I learned initially doing some free work to create my design portfolio. I then started bidding for paid freelancing work and, to my surprise, I started winning projects one by one. Given the time zone advantage we have in Australia, I am able to bid for graphics design projects in freelancing websites posted by clients in Europe before other freelancers in the US and India see them. Within minutes I am able to win projects (thanks to tricks I learned from Wizpiration) and deliver them successfully! I am so grateful I took this step to learn graphics design techniques and software. I am earning a living from something I really love! I can't wait till I quit my boring day job :-) and do this full time.. I'm getting there!


Our Story

Wizpiration started from a simple moment of inspiration
Our founders led successful companies in Africa with over 10,000 staff. One of their biggest challenges was finding the right talent to fit the needs of the jobs they were hiring offer across all levels of the company
Many say that the World has a jobs shortage problem. But we believe that World's main problem is the shortage of the right education
After the pandemic, the world has been more open to remote work. We believe it is prime time for talent to join the world stage. It is show time!

The Team behind the curtains

Wizpiration was founded by two international leaders in the technology and professional services world. They are seasoned professionals with experience in 5 continents. They started their career in tech in Silicon Valley and worked for international conglomerates like Caterpillar, Siemens and the world's top tier consulting firm McKinsey. They led an emerging technology (AI, Smart Cities, FinTech, IoT, etc.) advisory and implementation company

The team comprises some of the most passionate and talented tech, operations, education experts out there!